Guitar Practice Skills is a streaming interactive play-along website that when you become a member will help you learn to practice and play all the things that make you a better guitar player including chords, scales, scale sequences and arpeggios all coupled with the theory behind it to give you the technical know-how to go beyond just playing a few songs to becoming a better improviser, songwriter and overall musician. This site is all about practicing and what it takes to become the best musician you can be. Every video is in a play-along practice drill format.


     Each video series is filmed in 4k and includes up to 16 tempos with dowloadable PDF's in standard notation and tablature and explanations for each exercise and they are filmed so you can practice along with the teacher and metronome in real time. Just click on the catalog above and check out each program, click on one and notice that there are anywhere from 15 to 35 videos within each program, whether you need to fine tune your chord changes or clean up and focus on your scales or arpeggios this site will help you organize and reach your practice and playing goals quicker as long as you put in the time. It will help you get thru all the scales and exercises that a lot of times get skipped in peoples practice schedules, you can't go straight to playing guitar like a pro unless you practice like one!


     If you are a beginner and need to work on learning the basic chords and learning how to change from chord to chord or if its been awhile and you need to refresh your basic chord playing then check out the beginner series program. It takes you from learning a basic finger exercise pattern and then applying it to the metronome and then introduces all the basic chords and how to play them with a metronome starting with 2 measure chord exercises and then graduates to 4 measure chord progressions all of which you are playing along with me.


     If you want to learn your scales so you can start working on being able to solo and eventually be able to improvise or you already know them but need more work then check out the scale study video series. Start with the Am Scale and I will lead you thru the 5 forms which is included in the downloadable PDF and then once you have the forms I will lead you thru how to play them with the metronome from 60 BPM's all the way to 200 all of which you will be playing with me. Then you learn the C major scale with all the same protocol and tempos and theory all the way to 200 and then from there we start the scale sequences all the while building up your finger strength and technique and dexterity for the ultimate goal of finding your voice or tone and just becoming a much more solid player and musician the way you want to be.


     If you want to learn triad arpeggios then check out the Arpeggio video program series to help you learn the the basic forms and the theory behind them. Not only will the triad arpeggios help you further strengthen your fingers and dexterity and technique they will also help you to organize the fretboard for not only new single note patterns but new chord shapes. All the forms are included in the downloadable PDF's and the note names are included with the forms to help organize and reinforce  for more theory know-how. I start you off at 80 BPM's and then take you thru 150, playing every exercise with you.

There are hundreds of videos to work from and new videos are being added monthly for maximum guitar assault! All for the low price $9.99 a month.

Site is still under construction but there are hundreds of videos ready to use if you would like to Join!